Museum of Silesia Uprisings in Świętochłowice

Projects title: Designing and execution of permanent exhibition
at the Museum of Silesia Uprisings in Świętochłowice

Year of Implementation:

1147 m2

The Museum of Silesia Uprisings is a place one may learn about the history of Upper Silesia of the first half of the 20th century with special consideration of events accompanying  the Silesia uprisings (1919-1921). The main point of the exhibition’s narration is a six part film. Interactive presentations and large-format projections enhance the individual history learning experience. Children will find engaging games and riddles checking their knowledge acquired during the tour of the exhibition.

Project carried out within the  Qumak Capital Group with the consortium of companies Qumak S.A., Bruns BV and Marcin Pietruch Fabryka Dekoracji and ADUMA S.A. serving as its General Contractor.


  • Scenography
  • AV
  • Content
  • Light
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