Zoom on Nature
in Janów Lubelski

Projects title: Construction of the Zoom on Nature Recreation Park by the lake in Janów Lubelski – equipment delivery and installation

Year of Implementation:

1010 m2

The Zoom on Nature Recreation Park in Janów Lubelski is an interactive education centre devoted to nature and ecology. The park complex consists i.a. of several modern laboratories enabling active exploration of the world through play. Through the application of interactive multimedia elements the main exhibition allows visitors to learn about  the most important issues in botany, zoology, natural history and environmental protection. The project included also the delivery of a terrarium, formicarium, insectarium and an aquarium.

Project carried out within the Qumak Capital Group with the consortium of companies Qumak S.A., Bruns BV and Marcin Pietruch Fabryka Dekoracji serving as its General Contractor.


  • Design
  • AV
  • Mechatronics
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